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TVS Jupiter Mileage – A Comprehensive Review


TVS Motor Company is one of the leading two-wheeler manufacturers in India. The company has a wide range of scooters in its portfolio, and the TVS Jupiter is one of the most popular scooters from TVS. The TVS Jupiter was first introduced in 2013, and since then, it has been giving tough competition to its rivals in the 110cc scooter segment. One of the key factors behind the success of the TVS Jupiter is its impressive mileage. In this article, we will review the TVS Jupiter mileage in detail and discuss the factors that contribute to its fuel efficiency.

TVS Jupiter Mileage – A Comprehensive Review:

The TVS Jupiter is a fuel-efficient scooter that has won the hearts of many riders across India. The scooty is powered by a 109.7cc single-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 7.3PS at 7000rpm and a peak torque of 8.4Nm at 5500rpm. The engine is mated to a CVT automatic transmission that provides a smooth and comfortable ride.

The TVS Jupiter comes with an eco-mode, which helps in improving the scooter’s fuel efficiency. The eco-mode restricts the throttle response and limits the scooter’s top speed to 50kmph. However, the eco-mode may affect the scooter’s performance, and it is recommended to use it only when riding in the city or during heavy traffic conditions.

According to TVS Motor Company, the TVS Jupiter has a mileage of 62 kmpl. However, the actual mileage may vary depending on various factors such as riding conditions, traffic, and maintenance. To get the best mileage from the TVS Jupiter, riders need to follow some simple tips and tricks.

Tips to improve the TVS Jupiter mileage:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the scooter’s proper functioning and optimum fuel efficiency. Riders should get their TVS Jupiter serviced at regular intervals and check the air filter, engine oil, and spark plug regularly.
  2. Proper Inflation of Tires: Proper inflation of tires is crucial to improve the scooter’s fuel efficiency. Under-inflated tires can increase the rolling resistance, which can lead to lower mileage. Therefore, riders should check the tire pressure regularly and inflate them as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Smooth Riding: Smooth riding can significantly improve the TVS Jupiter’s mileage. Riders should avoid sudden acceleration, harsh braking, and excessive speeding. By maintaining a constant speed and avoiding sudden maneuvers, riders can improve the scooter’s fuel efficiency.
  4. Avoid Overloading: Overloading the scooter can put extra stress on the engine and reduce the fuel efficiency. Therefore, riders should avoid carrying excessive baggage or passengers on the TVS Jupiter.
  5. Use High-Quality Fuel: Using high-quality fuel can also improve the TVS Jupiter’s mileage. Riders should always fill up the scooter with good quality petrol and avoid adulterated fuel.


The TVS Jupiter is a popular scooter in India, known for its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. With a mileage of 62 kmpl, the TVS Jupiter is one of the most fuel-efficient scooters in the 110cc segment. However, to get the best mileage from the scooter, riders need to follow some simple tips and tricks, such as regular maintenance, proper inflation of tires, smooth riding, avoiding overloading, and using high-quality fuel. By following these tips, riders can enjoy a comfortable and fuel-efficient ride on the TVS Jupiter.

Source: https://tajahindinews.in/amazon/tvs-jupiter-mileage-a-comprehensive-review/


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