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Upholstery Tips: How to Upholster Furniture Like a Pro?

To upholster furniture like a pro, you will need a few supplies and some basic knowledge of how to upholster furniture. The first step in upholstering furniture is choosing the fabric. This can be done by measuring the furniture to find out how much fabric to buy. Then, you can cut the fabric to fit. 

Once you have cut the fabric to the correct size, you can attach it to the furniture using tacks or staples. When installing the fabric, make sure to pull it tight to avoid bubbles and wrinkles. Once the fabric is secured, you can complete the job by trimming and adding details to your piece of furniture.

Few Ways To Upholster Your Furniture 

You don’t need any experience to upholster furniture like a pro. Just follow the step-by-step instructions in the course.


Whether you are reupholstering a sofa, loveseat, or chair, you should do some research on the different types of fabrics available. There are many benefits to using upholstered furniture, but there are also some disadvantages. Choosing the right fabric for your needs is crucial for a great result.

Your chosen fabric should be able to stand up to the level of use the furniture gets. You may be able to use a less durable fabric on moderately used furniture, while a heavy-duty piece needs to be covered in a high-quality fabric. Thread count is a good indicator of how durable fabric will be.

Fabric selection

The first step to choosing fabric for your upholstery Abu Dhabi furniture is to determine the style of your room. For instance, if your living room is decorated in a traditional style, you might want to use silk on your sofa. While silk looks beautiful, it’s not very durable, so you should stick with a cotton blend or a microfiber fabric instead. The thread count of the fabric is a good indicator of its durability.

A few other things to consider include the fabric’s quality and durability. Look for fabrics with tight weaves and high thread counts. This means the fabric is less likely to pill and has a higher durability rating. Also, consider the double rub count of the fabric. A double rub is one time a person sits on the sofa, and another double rub is when a person gets up from the sofa. Generally, look for fabrics with a double rub count of 15,000 or higher.


Reupholstering furniture is a great way to give your old furniture a new look. You can use different types of fabrics to create a new style. You can also change the shape and color of your furniture to give it a fresh look. You can also add contrasting cording, piping, or welting to the pieces to create new lines and define the shape.

Before you begin reupholstering a piece, make sure it is in good shape. It should not require extensive repairs or sanding. It should also be able to hold its shape well without rocking in use. You may also want to select a recognizable brand that offers high-quality materials. You can look for a Fixit Design company in UAE.


Investing in new upholstered furniture can be expensive. Luckily, there are a variety of options to keep the cost down. Reupholstering a sofa will only cost you a fraction of the total cost of purchasing a new piece. Reupholstering will take time, so be prepared for some extra costs. You can save a significant amount of money by choosing faux leather or vinyl instead of real leather. 

In addition to choosing faux leather or vinyl, you may be able to take advantage of volume discounts on leather and fabric. If you prefer a lighter-colored look, you can choose linen upholstery. Linen is a good choice because it’s breathable and durable. It also dries quickly. It’s available in many colors and patterns.

Choosing an upholsterer

When choosing an upholsterer, there are several factors that you should consider. First of all, you need an upholsterer who is licensed and insured, and whose work is done on-site rather than being shipped elsewhere. You also hire an upholsterer who takes pride in the quality of his or her work.

The best upholsterers of interior Abu Dhabi work directly with consumers to create a unique and custom-designed look. The best way to find one of these professionals is to work with a local decorator or designer, who can recommend upholsterers in the area. You should also visit an upholsterer’s shop to look at previous work and speak with previous clients.

You should also consider the durability of your upholstery fabric. Whether your furniture is in a commercial or residential setting, it is important to choose a fabric that can withstand the amount of wear it receives. If you’re planning to leave the furniture outside, the fabric you choose should be durable, washable, and resistant to stains.


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