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What is an electric paint sprayer, andHow do I use one?

Have you ever heard about an electric paint sprayer?

Well, it is quite shocking if you don’t know. Electric paint sprayers are now the current sensation for people working in the spraying field.

They are a perfect replacement for paint rollers and brushes. If you compare electric paint sprayers with other spraying tools, you will observe a huge difference in working and performance.

What is an electric paint sprayer?

Electric paint sprayers are the modern form of paint brushes but are more like a machine. They consist of a spraying gun, tip, nozzle, and a bucket in which paint is added.

All the electric paint sprayers have extra power, and they provide a variety of finishes and coating. They come with different features, qualities, and spraying speeds. 

You can choose the type of electric paint sprayer according to your work demand and load. For commercial projects, it is preferable to choose a graco magnum paint sprayers because they can spray for hours.

For small projects, you can choose a smaller or portable electric paint sprayer as they are easy to carry and comfortable to use.

Electric paint sprayers are magical inventions because they deliver a quality spray with perfection and reliability. You can purchase them to apply even, unblemished, and smooth paint on walls and other surfaces.

The best thing about electric paint sprayers is their speed and performance quality. They save your time and provide a smooth finish, and it is impossible to get from a paint roller or brush.

All the electric paint sprayers like titan paint sprayer provide an extensive range of masonry paint sprayer choices that 

helps you create something beautiful and worth watching.

How to use an Electric paint sprayer?

Electric paint sprayers are a powerful tool that you can use to design your walls, cars, and furniture in different colors. 

But do you think it is easy to use them?

Well, it is not as easy as it sounds because electric paint sprayers are machines, and you cannot operate them without reading guidelines.

To know the proper use of electric paint sprayers, you must read the detailed instructions on how to use an electric paint sprayer.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you operate an electric paint sprayer

  1. Mask the surfaces before

 Using an electric paint sprayer, it is essential to cover the area you don’t want to paint. It could be a wall, a painting, or a landscape that comes in the range of your spray painting.

You can drape the paintings and landscapes with a plastic drop, and mask the walls with a protective sheet or cloth. It will help you stay vigilant and more careful.

When you mask the surfaces, it becomes easy for you to aim your target with the help of an electric paint sprayer.

  • Prepare the Equipment 

When you say to prepare the equipment, it means you have to assemble all the required things like the sprayer, its parts, goggles, and gloves in one place. 

Preparation includes wearing goggles, gloves, and protective shoes. When you are fully equipped, there are fewer chances of getting dirty or injured while using an electric paint sprayer.

After taking all the precautionary measures, it is time to assemble your paint, electric paint sprayer, waste bucket, and other essential tools. The waste bucket collects the drained paint, and the clean water bucket helps you rinse the tools after every use.

  • Set up the sprayer 

For setting up the sprayer, there are three easy steps

The first step is to put the siphon tube in paint. For this purpose, place the tube directly into the paint, and make sure that it touches the bottom of the paint can.

For the second step, you have to place the drain tube into the waste bucket. The third and last step is to plug into a GGCL-protected outlet. At this stage, put the sprayer in an electric outlet, and from outside do the same plugging.

  • Prime the sprayer

To prime, the sprayer is to switch the electric paint sprayer snd hold the trigger. You have to hold the electric sprayer and allow the pump to drain paint from the paint can. It will take 30 seconds to fill the sprayer with paint.

  • Turn on the drain tube

When you fill the electric paint sprayer with paint, it is time to turn on the drain tube. Put it in the paint can, hold the clips attached to the siphon hose, and drain all the paint.

  • Start spraying

When you drain all the paint, squeeze the trigger and move the gun to start spraying. The best tip for using an electric paint sprayer is to hold the spraying gun 12 inches closer to the surface.  It helps in spraying smooth and clear paint.


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