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WPC2027 Live Dashboard

This is the final project for a WPC2027 class. As part of our project, we created an interactive dashboard that has a live feed on the activities at PeachTree Mall and includes automated emails to let store managers know when their stores are empty. The dashboard provides information about various topics: sales, foot traffic, operational productivity, customer satisfaction, and more. This dashboard also allows you to view data from previous months and years as well as compare data with other stores/malls in the area.

What is WPC 2027:

The class builds on WPC 2050. In this class we’ll learn about web applications, databases, database design, and SQL queries. We’ll learn more advanced HTML5 tags, CSS3 and AJAX. Our project will be a single website that can be deployed on any web server with the backend being deployed using a MySQL database.

In the class we will generally be in pairs so if you have a partner that would like to take this course with you, please tell me when signing up for the course.

WPC2027 live:

We will be using the Wpc2027 live dashboard. This dashboard is a live feed that includes a short video of the stores, various statistics and some automatic emails. This allows us to see over time if certain areas of the mall are busier or have more empty spaces. The dashboard will also be deployed on other devices such as iPads and iPhones which we’ll have access to throughout the semester.


We will use WordPress for our website as well as Google Apps for email and FTP servers. Please download these before class begins.

WPC 2027 register:

Welcome to the WPC 2027 Live Dashboard. We will be updating this page soon with live movement in the tournament, as well as other stats and information. Check back often for updates!

The World Professional Computing (WPC) Tournament is the most prestigious worldwide contest of programming skill in which hundreds of competitors strive to be crowned World Champion.

Since 1982, hundreds of qualifiers from more than 40 countries have competed head-to-head at a finals event each year to determine who gets that coveted title.

Following are the steps to create your account in WPC2027. Have a look for your registration:

Step 1: Sign up

Step 2: Link your account to your email address

Step 3: Log in using username and password

How to make the dashboard live on a webpage.

1) Click on share amp; embed under the dashboard you wish to share, then copy the HTML code generated on this page into a text editor program like notepad. Change the width and height values in this HTML code from “600×400” to “1000×800” so that if it shows correctly on your screen it may also be shown correctly by others viewing it.

WPC2027 Gcash:

WPC2027 is a platform for payment, empowering users to make payments by creating their own cryptocurrency. We are the first blockchain project to offer a decentralized and anonymous decentralized platform that allows anyone to send or receive money while maintaining privacy and security at all times. It is also the only blockchain project that has implemented an existing real-world usage scenario with our Gcash application

WPC2027 is currently in its pre-ICO launch phase with no minimum purchase commitments required.

WPC2027 live login:

WPC2027 live dashboard:

WPC2027 image gallery:

WPC2027 has partnered with:

WPC2027 Gcash platform is integrated with the Gcash application, an existing electronic wallet and mobile application for prepaid electronic payments to the Philippines. It allows users to transfer money from one account to another, pay bills and shop at various e-Commerce sites through mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablets.

The payment gateway for P2P transfer between individuals and merchants, as well as in e-commerce businesses through the use of cryptocurrency currency (Gcash) available on Google Playstore and Appstore. Our platform supports the automatic multi-currency exchange of crypto/fiat currencies through a blockchain-based system.

WPC2027.com live:

ICO – Initial Coin Offering

How does an ICO work? An ICO is very similar to an IPO (Initial Public Offering) in that it is used for the launch of a new product or service. The difference is that with an IPO you invest in the company itself, whereas with an ICO you become a part of the product or service’s community. It’s a way for developers to raise money to fund the development of their projects. Investing in ICOs can be very rewarding, especially if the product succeeds and the demand its tokens increases. However, as with any investment – it’s also risky.


Always make sure to research the project on the internet before making your investment.

ICO Smart contract:

WPC2027 ICO last ico date: 8/10/2018. WPC2027 token details. WPC2027 raised money in ICO: 2,903,000 Gcash (10% at current price). There are currently 1,236,038 tokens issued and not circulating. The total supply of current tokens will be 11,554,203 tokens in the future (1 Gcash = 1 ETH). The total ICO funds raised for the public sale of the WPC2027 token is $3 million so far.


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