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Factors You Need To Consider Before The Installation Of Carpet

Many people are aware of every aspect that should be taken into account when purchasing carpets for their homes or business places. But only a few people know about all the factors that need to be well aware of before installing carpet.

Most of the time, carpet installation services are not included when paying for the carpet. You always have to pay less or more for the installation services. Before hiring an expert, you must know what types of services are included in carpet installation and for what you have to pay some extra money.

After knowing all these things, you can easily hire an expert for carpet repair and installation. Read on, to know all the aspects that are necessary before hiring installers.

What Is The Cost Of Carpet Installation?

The thing that you need to know first is the cost of installation. Some of the installers provide free installation services for the most expensive carpets, but not for cheap carpets. Usually, you have to pay for the installation services of the carpets. The cost of carpet installation is almost $0.5 to $3 per square foot, depending upon the installation company.

Which Services Are Included In Carpet Installation Services?

Many good installation companies provide the following services when you hire them for carpet installation:

1. Furniture Moving

Installers are supposed to remove some of the lightweight furniture from the room. But they never move the furniture up or downstairs. They also never move the furniture to the other parts of the home or office.

2. Skirting Removal

Many of the installers also remove the skirting boards from the walls for the proper installation of the carpet.

3. Removal Of Old Carpet And Underlay

The removal of old underlay and carpet is also included in the installation services because, usually, it is not time-consuming. They can also help you with converting the old carpet into small pieces so you can easily dispose of it.

4. Installation Of New Underlay

Many of the suppliers provide the installation of underlay services, but some charge extra for these services. Please ask your Best Carpet Flooring Dubai installer before hiring him if he will install the underlay for free or if you have to pay extra for it.

5. Installation Of Complete Wall To Wall Carpet

The carpet installation services include wall-to-wall carpet installation. If you have some odd corners in the room, it’s the duty of the installer to install the carpet in those corners and give you a completely carpeted room.

6. Reinstall Skirting Boards

After the installation of the carpet, the installer will reinstall the skirting boards on your walls.

7. Move The Furniture Again Into The Room

Some good companies will also move all your furniture back into your room once the installation process is completed.

For Which Tasks Do You Have To Pay Some Extra?

Here are some services that are not included in the installation of the carpet: If you want your installers to provide you with the following services, you have to pay extra or hire other workers to perform these tasks.

  • Moving Fixed Furniture

In many rooms, furniture is fixed to walls or floors. The carpet installers will never remove these pieces of furniture. If you have heavy and large furniture in the room, then you should also avoid removing it. You can hire workers to remove this kind of furniture from your room to prepare it for carpet installation.

  • Removal Of Old Flooring

Installers usually remove old carpets and underlay, but they never remove the old flooring. The removal of flooring is a very arduous task and requires different types of tools and skills. If you want to remove your flooring before the installation of carpet, then hire a flooring expert.

  • Repairing Of Subfloor Or Skirting Boards

Carpet installers can only remove and reinstall skirting boards; if a board is damaged, it cannot be repaired. If you have a subfloor that requires small repairs, then you should pay them extra money to fix it.

  • Installation on stairs

If you have stairs in your room that lead to the 2nd floor, they are not supposed to install the carpet on them. You can talk to them and decide on a rate for the installation of carpet on these stairs. If the bedroom has 3 or 4 stairs leading to the living room, then they will install carpet on them free of cost.

Things To Consider Before Hiring A Carpet Installer?

There are a few things that you need to consider before hiring a carpet installer for your place.

1. The Installer’s Experience

Always choose an installation company that has at least 3 to 4 years of experience in the installation of carpets in both residential and commercial areas so they can easily handle your project. An experienced installer provides quality services to the customers and never makes blunders. 

2. Rates of Service

You should also consider the rates of the installation services before hiring an installer. Always select an installer that provides all the services at highly affordable rates.

3. Reputation

The installation company should be well-reputed in the market. Try to read the previous customers’ reviews on the website of company. In this way, you can go for the best installation company.


Although carpet installation is a simple procedure, there are a few things to consider before hiring installers for these services. To maximize your benefits after hiring the installers, be aware of all the complimentary services you may receive from them. Choose a reputable installation provider company for your project to ensure high-quality results.


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